a series of spring: castleton mist

I know that Breath of Fresh Air is technically the chosen colour of the year for 2014, but in my humble opinion, Castleton Mist HC-1 outranks its blue counterpart by a landslide.  This vibrant shade of green with strong yellow undertones, harmonizes so well with the gray tones that we’ve seen so much in the past few years, yet stands as a neutral against the stronger accents such as corals and navy.





Benjamin Moore’s senior interior designer, Sonu Mathew, has been quoted saying, “A small space can be a wonderful jewel box,” This traditional entrance way epitomizes this statement so well. Castleton Mist gives life to the warm, rich floors while still allowing the timless Sheraton chairs to stand out when painted out in Coral Essence.

castleton mist living


I love the way Castleton Mist was wrapped around the room and striped off over the mantle.  Not only does the colour blocking technique used here make that wall appear longer, the small gray stripes bring a stronger focal point to what would otherwise be considered the neutral in the room.


castletonmist front door

On this front entry door, Castleton Mist pops as an accent colour alone when used with Silver Gray as the siding colour.


Have you Castleton Mist around your own home or do you have another colour you prefer as your “colour of the year”?



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