Krystle Lynn Wilk

With an eye for luxuriously rich textures, dramatic use of colours, Krystle Lynn Wilk lives in a world filled with passion for all things glamorous. It is not as easy as painting a door, painting a wall… a well designed room should have a life of its own. It should be as creatively unique as the individual it is for. This is the principle vision Krystle uses when helping her customers. When not busy blogging about what has caught her eye in the decorating world, Krystle enjoys travelling and taking in all this world has to offer.

4 responses to “Krystle Lynn Wilk

  1. HI Krystal I just ran upon this page of yours! So cool! My niece is redecorating her room in bright turquoise and corals and she already has her bedspread and rug but I saw your bright coral patterned curtains on bing images and wandered if you could tell me where you got them! They would be abso perfect for her room! Thanks so much.

    • Hi Jenny,

      Thats not a room I had done, just an amazing photo I found to showcase the colour combos, so unfortunately, I’m not sure where the curtains came from. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. I have had luck with some amazing finds on in the past, I would give them a whirl!

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