A Gem of All Gems

Occasionally, well often actually, writers block hits.  And even though I have tons of ideas and things I want to get out, I just can’t get paper to pen so to speak.  Well, thats where Pinterest comes in to play. Who hasn’t looked at Pinterest and after an hour, pinned a million recipes you say you’ll cook, or several handy dandy DIY tips you swear you’ll use??  I’m sure I’m not alone there! And once in awhile, you come across a gem!

green kitchen

My gem of a Pin happens to be this amazing mint green kitchen!  Everything about it speaks to me!  I feel like in this kitchen, with the beautiful crystal chandelier, I could actually create all those recipes that just end up in my pinned boards never to be seen again!

I’m normally not attracted to the country style open cabinets or even the black hardware, but mix those elements with ones I love, like exposed brick(I’ve expressed my love for this before), a sparkly chandelier and bold colour use and this is what I would call WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!

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