What is popular…. really??

At the store, I’m often asked, ” Well, what’s popular?”  This question bothers me when it comes to interior design and decorating for several reasons. Popular is defined as something liked, admired of enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group.  And while this may be true for many things, I personally believe that the decor of your home should be liked, admired and enjoyed by the homeowner.  Your home is  your place of sanctuary, your comfort zone and a place where you, the homeowner, can escape and truly relax and feel comfortable.  So even though a colour may be popular for many, that is most likely just because that colour works in their own space.  If you are normally drawn to something more vibrant, do not be afraid to integrate that choice into your home just because the trend is to go to soft gray tones.

A trend has to start somewhere, and it usually comes from one person doing something more unique than the “popular” consensus.  So my challenge to you, would be to think outside the box, and make your home your own.  If a “popular” colour like Revere Pewter, works in your design concept, great, if not, don’t hesitate to go full force with your design vision.  I guarantee you’ll be happier with your decision in the end.


emerald green dresser

Played a little safe, this emerald green dresser still adds a huge pop of personality and unexpected colour in a mainly “normal” looking space.

navy livingroom

Who says light and airy feel has to mean light, off-white walls?  This living room still gives off that vibe with the balance of light furniture, while still allowing a rich colour like navy to envelope the space.


Chevron certainly has been popular, but not necessarily in this striking lime colour!

(Paper & Ink Madison Geometrics)

Moral of my little story/rant is to make your home your own.  Make sure you love it, because in the end, its the only opinion that really matters!

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