Be Gone Golden Oak, Be Gone

This lovely kitchen belongs to my aunt and uncle… you could call them the perpetual renovators.  Most recently, they to decided to tackle some unsightly golden oak cabinets in their own home.  What were the designers of the 80’s thinking??  Oh wait, probably the same thing the designers of now are thinking with our trend towards espresso.. but that’s for another blog…



A couple shots before the transformation was completed.


They used a combination of Cabinet Coat on the uppers in Benjamin Moore’s Deep In Thought Af-30 and Advance Semi Gloss on the lowers in Appalachian Brown 2115-10.


Another angle of the kitchen… looks so much better!

Never be afraid of two-toned cabinets! They are a great way to add more colour into your home, and usually still look very neutral.  I typically recommend going with the darker colour on the bottom cabinets just to create a grounding affect.  Otherwise, your kitchen will appear top heavy and unbalanced.

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