2 Step Table Revamp

I finally completed a project around my own house!!  It may not seem like a huge deal to most, but to me, that’s a damn miracle!!  For as small as said project may seem, it left my living room in complete disarray for 4 days while I found the time to finish it, between work, the gym, dodgeball and deciding I shouldn’t feel so lazy.

It also helped to kick my butt into gear, that I was hosting a mini engagement get together for one of my best friends/roomie…. nothing like a little pressure under the gun to get things done!


So here’s my “project”, AKA a nasty golden-oakish table that was a past hand-me-down.  Not very sightly when the whole look of our condo is contemporary, stainless steel, dark woods… you get the idea.

After careful colour consideration, wait, who I am kidding, I wanted to actually use Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter for myself, I mixed a quart of Cabinet Coat and was on my way.  For those that aren’t aware, Cabinet Coat is a great product that doesn’t require a primer and is extremely durable.  All you need is a light scuff sand and 2 coats… Right up my time-crunch alley!!

table first

After the first coat, already loving the way its turning out!

table complete

Voila!! Final product!! Not the best lighting, but the tulips my sister brought over for Easter Dinner sure add a nice touch!

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