Coral and Teal… or Turquoise.. Whatever Floats Your Boat

Alright, I’m back.  I think.  I had a major case of writers block and wasn’t feeling so inspired…. until now!  What pulled me back into the blog world you may wonder??  Just one of my fav colour combos this year, my good pals teal and coral!

Now the forefather’s of these two colours really don’t do much for me, think basic orange and boring blue, but add some subtle hints from their colour cousins, red and green, and we have a winning duo!

Coral Master

Your eye can’t help but be drawn to the bold coral and cream art piece that is framed so well by the soft teal walls

coral office

Perhaps a little bold for most, the vibrant coral walls give a dramatic punch to the more neutral navy and cream furniture.  Don’t be afraid to go bold, whether it be on the walls or the furniture.

turquoise and coral

A much softer approach, the walls and furniture are all done in a tone on tone effect with the turquoise and hints of cream, with the drapes popping off the wall in a vibrant coral patterned drape.


Love the traditional architecture and design of this space juxtaposed with a fresh colour combo!  By painting the walls in a higher gloss teal, it really brings out the classic millwork in the space.

teal chairs

If painting a whole room in a strong colour scares you, don’t hesitate to add a splash onto basic furniture.  Great idea if you’re renting and unable to paint the walls anyways!

coralteal bath

I love the unexpectedness of the frames being painted so bold in coral, in a room where one would normally anticipate something soft and calming.

2 responses to “Coral and Teal… or Turquoise.. Whatever Floats Your Boat

  1. I just love the teal room! I really want to do something like that for my bedroom. Thanks for the ideas!

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