The many colours of Jamaica

It’s no secret that this past year, I have fallen in love with Jamaica.  The people, the culture, the gorgeous views, the amazing food, I could go on.   My girlfriend and I just recently went down there again in late September, but this time, chose to rent a little villa and get more of a real Jamaican experience.  In doing so, I found the colours and the architecture of their homes to be absolutely inspiring.

Our little villa

Our own villa, at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac was painted a vibrant orange with high contrasting white and darker orange for trim.

I noticed a lot of tone of tone of the colours, but very vibrant!  Robins egg blue with the fence done in more of a cobalt, usually always with a crisp white.

They are not afraid of peach tones here!

You don’t see many bright green homes in Canada, but I’m kind of loving this!

I love the detail in this fence!  It hadn’t been painted yet, but judging by the way the rest of the homes are done, I would assume this fence gets a bright colour to complement the soft colour of the house!

Nothing to do with colour, but isn’t this shot amazing?? Aquasol Beach ❤

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