There’s more to your paper than a pretty pattern


I love me a large scale wallpaper print, I also love a small patterned paper, however, not every pattern will work in every space.  I’m bringing this up today, because I often get the “I’ve never even thought about that” sentence and look after I drop the “scale” bomb on our clients.  No, I’m not talking about weight, I’m talking about the size or scale of a wallpaper pattern in comparison to the size of the wall.  If a pattern is either too large or too small for the wall, it doesn’t look right, and as I’ve said to many people, what’s the point of putting up a paper if you won’t even be able to appreciate the pattern for what it is.

This pattern is large enough to hold its own on these full walls, yet small enough, that mirrors and pictures can still be hung and don’t look out of place.

An example of a great pattern in the wrong space.  This room would be much better suited to a smaller pattern or at the very least, done without the gold framed picture that just doesn’t fit and the small shelf.  There is simply too much going on in such a small closet sized room that the eye doesn’t have a place to focus.

Interconnecting circles are the perfect size in this case.  Sure, this wall could handle a larger scale circle, but any smaller would appear busy.  The only thing I might change to this space is to have a rectuangular framed mirror as opposed to the circular one chosen.  A little contrast goes a long way in balancing different patterns and shapes in a space.

Although this pattern is on the smaller side, it is spaced out enough to not appear “busy”, and even makes the wall look larger than it is.

Taking a more traditional pattern and modernizing it with clean lines and vibrant colours is a great way to ground out a larger, full scale pattern like the floral one shown.  Mimicking the colourways from the paper will also give flow and complete the look.

At a glance, this pattern seems jarring to the eye, which can happen when a pattern is either too small or the colours in the pattern are high contrast.  If you have your mind set on a smaller scale pattern on a larger wall, try calming the pattern with larger pieces that will even out and balance the look.

6 responses to “There’s more to your paper than a pretty pattern

  1. Krys! I’ve decided once we’ve saved up (re-couped since buying the house!), I’m coming to town for some much needed decorating help! I have idea – read ‘I Pin lots of ideas’ on what to do with different spaces, but I’m never sure enough to make the commitment to a bold pattern, a bright colour, or even some shapes and the proper scale as you’ve talked about in this post. Keep up the great blog 🙂

    • Thanks Court!!

      I’d love to help you guys out and it would be great to see you again!! =) let me know when you’re in town, and I’ll make sure i’m available at the store and we can go from there!! Take a few pics of the spaces you want to re-work and we can come up with some great options for you!!

      • Sounds good! It will probably not be for a few months, as we’re just getting financially re-settled, and paying off our wedding album (which I may also have to bring in to share!). We’ll be in touch for sure!

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