What’s in a stripe?

I find more and more people are being drawn to stripes, personally, I could take them or leave them, but I do feel that in the right space, adding a stripe of some sort can definitely have an impact.  Most people think of the standard vertical stripe, which tends toward a more traditional setting, but I’m finding that people are straying from the typical and putting some personality and a new spin on an old time favorite!

A narrow vertical stripe grounds an otherwise eclectic mix of new and old furniture and accessories.

A more modern take on a vertical stripe.  A wider stripe done in a high contrast colour combo, add extra wow by carrying the stripes onto the ceiling.

This horizontal striped bedroom also has an ombre effect and comes off more glamorous by adding the metallic stripe in the center.

Just because you choose to do a stripe wall, doesn’t mean you need to go on stripe overload.   Try just adding a few smaller stripes for bigger impact.

Probably the most trending stripe at the moment, chevron!  A more precise stripe that will give huge impact, no matter the size of the wall!  If this looks a little too intimidating to try on your own, there are a lot of great wallpapers done in this same pattern, so don’t fret!

Speaking of striped wallpapers, go for a bold, already done look like this pattern from Clarke & Clarke from their Viva collection.  It’s hard to see, but the smaller stripe is done in a metallic sheen and it can be hung either vertically or horizontally.

If you’re planning on taking on your own striped wall, there’s a few tips that can help out a lot.

  • The right tape goes a LONG way!! I love Frog Tape, when paint touches the edges, it forms a seal and doesn’t allow paint to bleed through!
  • If you don’t happen to have Frog Tape handy, have some of the main wall paint handy.  After getting your tape lines done, either use your finger or a small brush and paint along the edge with the paint colour already applied and let it dry.  If anything is going to bleed, it’ll be what’s already there and go unnoticed!
  • If you’re a knit picker (there’s nothing wrong with wanting accurate), try a laser level and a chalk line.  It’ll take a little longer to prep, but you’ll be much happier with the results!

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