Sweet dreams

Do you ever have those days where you just don’t want to get out of bed?  Well, today I’m having one of those days, but the chances of staying in bed all day are out the window.  So instead what do I choose to do?  Drool over other people’s bedrooms and think about how cozy and inviting some of them look, of course!

No matter the space, grasscloth always adds a touch of warmth with its texture and handwoven qualities that not many other papers can do.  Love that it’s been centered over the headboard.

Creamy yellow walls are softened with natural woods and an eclectic array of furniture and accessories.  Who wouldn’t want a zebra rug in their traditional bedroom??

This bedroom to me is perfect, warm and cozy, yet bright and airy.  The perfect mix of natural stones and woods mixed with modern artwork and accessories.

A touch of glam with an upholstered headboard and matching drapes, but what I can’t stop staring at is that chandelier!  Have you ever thought to layer area rugs like they’ve done here?

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