From Milan To Your Living Room: Colour Blocking

Taken straight from the runways, as with most elements of interior decorating, colour blocking is becoming more on trend with those willing to travel outside of the neutral world of colour.  Using a colour wheel as your map, taking opposing colours to complement one another in a bold hue is the easiest way to go about colour blocking, whether it be in your wardrobe or decor. 

A few examples of bold color blocking done in fashion, can easily be translated into your home decor. 

Natural wood cabinets harmonize lime green and teal blue used in this open concept kitchen. 

Everything about this stairwell utilizes the color wheel perfectly, creating a triad colour scheme. When mixing bold on bold with colours, they do not appear to be too much for the eye to handle since there is no high contrast like there would be with a black or white combination. 

If painting a dramatic colour blocking effect would be too much for your home, try blocking with accessories and softening it down with neutrals in the same tones.  Here they’ve used varying shades of greens and limes, but simmered the look with khaki coloured chairs with a green undertone to give a grounding effect. 

Mixing vibrant colours with different fabrics and textures will give a more exotic look, which also gives you the opportunity to mix in pieces you most likely already have in your home. 

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