Orange you say?

It’s no secret that orange has been slated as the trending colour for 2013, but who would’ve thought a color normally considered only in the fall and the 70’s could be so diverse!  From the more rust toned hues to the vibrant colours to neon, orange truely has no limits.

This striking shade of orange is softened with wallpaper panels done in an asian inspired floral in it’s opposing colour, blue, which draws your eye right to the center where the tufted headboard is displayed.  It would seem that there is a lot going on in this space, but with all the other colours muted, your attention can stay focused on the orange.

Orange becomes a neutral in this space when used as a backdrop for all the accent pieces that pick up the same colour, making this living room warm and inviting.

Not prepared to paint or paper an entire wall in this seasons hottest colour?? Grab a can of spray paint and attack some old vintage frames in a coral to add pop to any space without commitment!

This built in unit sprayed in a high gloss orange pairs well with the charcoal floors and neutral walls, allowing you to fully showcase your favorite pieces and heirlooms.

Wow, is all this space makes me think!! Traditional furniture and drapery and then you have that ceiling in a dramatic neon orange! Stunning to say the least.

2 responses to “Orange you say?

  1. loving the orange! if only our customers were this adventerous!…Buttered Yam in the Affinity Collection has to be my favourite!

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