Happy Birthday Julia Child

In a tribute to Julia Child’s centennial birthday, and even though this blog is not intended to be a food blog, I’ve decided that all things kitchens are a must today!  In my opinion, a lady who has put together over 3700 recipes with a great humour and zest for life the way Julia Child has, deserves some sort of appreciation , and since I can’t see myself re-creating her delectable dishes, this is the best I could come up with!  Bon Appetit!!



Exposed brick softens the citric green wall tiles in this vibrant kitchen

There’s something about a soft, floral pattern that works so well in this more mod kitchen.

Soft gray walls and natural wood tone floors soften these bold yellow cabinets

Two tone cabinets don’t always have to be brown and white, throw a splash of colour to bring life to an otherwise neutral space

Retro in all the right ways


Yellow damask wallpaper and roman shades give this open kitchen a modern-french feel when paired with mid-tone wood floors


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