Tiffany box blue

There is something to be said when a movie star from days past becomes associated with a colour alone.   Many may not be familiar with Audrey Hepburn, but for those that are, Tiffany Box Blue probably comes to mind.  Care of the 1961 movie, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, this soft tealy-blue color has been associated with her for decades, giving Audrey Hepburn and design enthusiasts alike inpiration for their own decor.  Personally, I have my Grams to thank for my own Audrey Hepburn obsession, spending many a holiday with her watching classic movies well into the night.  Even attempting my own rendition of a Tiffany’s inspired room a few years back, which I never did take pictures of… Darn!

As I always say, as with anything decor and colour related especially, there are no wrong or right choices, just preferences.  So naturally, when it comes to choosing your own Tiffany’s inpired colour, the sky’s the limit!   Over the years, I have seen several variations of this colour, from the softest shades or blue to the strongest shades of teal.  A few of my favorites happen to be Benjamin Moore’s Spectra Blue 2049-50, Gossamer Blue 2123-40 and Skydive CSP-700. All are completely different, giving very different looks, yet still strike the same chord. 

Traditional furniture mixed with vibrant fabrics, anchored by a great black mirror is what I envision Audrey Hepburn’s design style to be.

On the stronger side of colour, the lighter furniture and accessories almost have a delicate appearance. 

The quote above the bed says “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m Possible'”-Audrey Hepburn


Quintessential elegance at it’s best, vintage accessories harmonized with strong black frames to draw the eye.  Don’t you just love the way the soft pink flowers and note pad seem to stand out with everything else going on as well?


This gem of a dining room is care of of the Tiffany Suite at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City.  Perhaps one day when I can afford $9500 a night at a hotel…… a girl can dream right??


Have you dreamed up your own room inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s or another iconic movie from your own childhood?

4 responses to “Tiffany box blue

  1. I LOVE Audrey and Tiffany’s box blue! And, I love your suggestion of Gossamer Blue, one of my faves!

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