Black, not just for the runways

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard that you can’t paint your walls dark because it will make you’re room feel small. I’m here to clear up this misconception once and for all… It is not the colour on your walls that will make your room appear small, it is the amount of things in the space that does this! Sure, a darker colour will give off a different feel than a lighter colour will, but colour can not change dimension in a room. When advising clients in store, I often say when you’re painting or re-decorating, you should only put back in the room half the stuff you took out. You’d be surprised how much “stuff” you can accumulate that really has no purpose or fit in a space over time.

Black has to be one of the most feared colours around as far as decor goes, both with paint and wallpapers. However, if you think about it, black is the most basic of neutrals and goes with anything! I’m personally a fan of Benjamin Moore’s Twilight Zone 2127-10 and Black Jack 2133-20.


The far wall acts as a great backdrop for white cabinets and a splash of blue on the door


By using more organic accessories and a big window bringing in natural light, this bathroom does not appear cold or uninviting


There is nothing dark about these black walls, lighter woods tones lighten the wall colour, and are able to stand out as the focal.


The black wall is softened here by the more traditional cabinet and accessories.

So next time you’re debating colours for your home, don’t hesitate to test out a great deep neutral like black to give your home impact as well as neutrality!

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