Bookcase drama

As with anything decor inspired, there are no limits.  So why wouldn’t we take something like wallpaper and give it an unexpected purpose??  Like bookshelves!  I’m not sure about all of you, but Pinterest is an addiction, and with all the great Pins with bookcases and shleves given new life, I’ve felt inspired.  Maybe enough to even tackle one of my own at home… When I finally get to that, I’ll post some pics!   But until then, I’ve posted some pics of inpsiration for you as well!


Black Damask

Scale is very important when doing a project like this, making sure that the pattern is not too overwhelming or large, as with any papering project.  With this black damask, although the pattern may appear “busy”, the space between shelves is large enough to handle the pattern.

Punch of Red


What a great pop of colour to give the white cabinet and accesories something to jump off of!


Yellow patchwork


Yellow is such a vibrant, happy colour, but can be too much at times.  Love that they broke up the yellow with whites and different patterns as well


Blue Damask

The blue damask pairs well with the drapes on the windows, giving some flow to a colour that may otherwise be out of place




Trellis paper!  Need I say more?  So many scales and variations, you’d be hard pressed to find a trellis pattern that wouldn’t work 


Chevron Stripes

Another classic, chevron stripes are showing up everywhere.  This more modern stripe balances the more traditional items placed on the shelves.


The pop of colour with the red on the white shelves is perfect and the scale works so well



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